Limited supply ordering until early February.
Maximum for ordering on this website is 2 bottles of Colic-Ease till approximately early February.
Any order placed over 2 bottles will have to be voided.
Thank you!!

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Where to Buy Gripe Water

Wondering about where to buy Colic-Ease? Colic-Ease is available online at top quality supermarket chains including all Wegmans
and Select Whole Foods Markets.

Find Colic-Ease near you

All of our retail locations are the result of customers who have brought Colic-Ease to the attention of their local supermarket, health food store, pharmacy or doctor's office. If you'd like to find Colic-Ease in a location that is close to you, simply print out the homepage from our website or bring an empty Colic-Ease bottle to the location, tell the manager about your experience using Colic-Ease, and request that they carry Colic-Ease gripe water.

International Destination? 

Check the "International" and "Online Stores" tab for overseas distributers first (our latest is located in Australia)!

You can search using either State or Zip code you can also use both (remember to expand your zip code range for more options)!