NumiMed Dispenser

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NumiMed Dispenser
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Colic-Ease Gripe Water

Using a traditional dropper can introduce harmful bacteria and germs into your gripe water bottle after use.

We suggest using the Numi-Med dispenser/pacifier to administer Colic-Ease gripe water and all your baby's 
liquid medicine or vitamins for the most accurate and clean dose.

The Numi-Med sold by Colic-Ease is 100% PVC and BPH FREE - Do not be mistaken by other sites claiming to sell the same dispenser, Colic-Ease, Inc is the first to introduce the Numi-Med with gripe water since 2000.

The NumiMed liquid dispenser is an easy, safe and accurate way to administer Colic-Ease™ gripe water or to give oral medications and vitamins. Because NumiMed holds only up to one teaspoon of medication, no excess air will be sucked to cause discomfort. NumiMed bypasses most taste buds and sense of smell so your baby can swallow easily without messy spit ups. The clear cup lets you see how much the baby has swallowed so you're sure of the dosage amount. Single doses can be pre-filled for use when needed, at home or away. The picture below describes the various features of the NumiMed dispenser.

NOTE: The Numi-Med is designed to create a tight seal when closed.  Users have found testing your Numi using a hard surface (WITHOUT ANY LIQUID IN IT AT FIRST) to open and/or close the snap a few times helps in learning how your Numi will perform and how much pressure you will need, prior to filling it with either your gripe water or other medicine you are dispensing.